Resources for 2012 River Study

Site 3 Data Scanned

Castle Head Guidance Sheet

Here is a Google Map "My Map" showing the locations of Site 1, Site 2 and Site 3.

You can zoom, resize, and export so you can include the map in your enquiry. You can also show the map on a map or satellite background.

Here is the KMZ File (This is a Google File that can open with Google Earth or Google Maps):

NB If you want to open the file in Google Maps on your computer, first open the KMZ file which will launch in Google Earth (It is a free download if you don't have it on your computer), then >>File>>Open in Google Maps. Otherwise you can open it directly in Maps on an iPod Touch or iPhone. Not sure about Android etc, but probably similar. ; )

Here are some photographs taken of the iPad measuring your gradient. Copy and paste the images which are yours and put them into your enquiry to show you used a range of tools to collect your measurements.