I now have your project results. I won't post them here, it is too public, but will give them to you tomorrow. Dr Lee

Geography Cover Lesson
Lesson 1; Friday 20 May 2011
Apologies for not being at the lesson again. Still interviewing. Your class unfortunately got a double hit this week, but I have avoided another loss next week!

Listen to the following sound file. Make some notes in a Word document, and print them out at the end. Add these notes to your revision. The sound file is about 10 minutes. Sorry no cool intro music, just me. Use the pause button to stop and the rewind button go go back if it is going too fast for your note taking. Just make bullet point notes.

Please look at the following resources.
At the end read some the pages that are hyperlinked.

Look at the following picture, what can you say is happening in terms of industry, industrial location, and industry change?
Use as much evidence as you can.

Geography Cover Lesson
Lesson 5; Thursday 19 May 2011
(I am conducting interviews for new staff)
Look at BBC Bitesize and work through the section on Economic Activities. Don't do the section on Globalisation.
At the end of each section do the test, and keep your score. Don't cheat! See if you can get a perfect score. This is your challenge, and the questions are not easy.

If you finish, continue revising your Rivers/Geomorphology.
You could look over this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/geography/riverswater/

Geography Prep 12 May 2011
Write an essay on: Explain how and why attempts have been made to manage the environment in your case study to allow sustainable development to take place.

Please write this unless you use a laptop for exams.

Your prep is below, but first look at this; it's amazing! Dr Lee

Geography Prep (proudly brought to you by EH!)

Weather and Climate in booklet.

Convectional Rainfall diagram
NW Scotland Question
Climatic features question
Climate graph questions (2 pages)

Any problems? Email me.

Important guide to the Belinda Froud Revision Guide you have been given.

Geography Essay Questions

Here are some essay questions that you might like to have a go at, relating to the Transfer course.

1. The Ring of Fire is a Ring of Misery. Is this a fair statement? Discuss.
2. Human beings can predict tectonic events and can prevent human casualties. To what extent is this true?

1. The UK should double its number of National Parks. Discuss.
2. There are mines in UK National Parks. Mining should never be permitted in such areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Discuss.

Weather and Climate
1. Britain depends on its climate for its livelihood. Discuss.
2. Of all the elements rain is the most destructive. Discuss

Economic Activities
1. Deindustrialisation has been an important part of the reshaping of the British Economy. Discuss.

2. The location of industry is determined by the location of raw materials. Is this true? Use examples to discuss.

Geomorphology and Rivers
1. Water is the main agent of change in the shaping of the earth. Discuss.
2. As rivers rarely flood and settlements are increasingly made safe by flood protection measures, building on flood plains is a good way to solve overcrowding. Discuss this idea using examples.

Global location exercises:

external image pdf.png Global Location.pdf

Some essay questions for consideration for revision purposes.

Geography Prep Thursday 3 March 2011

See what you can find on the internet in terms of deindustrialisation. You can look up on Wikipedia, YouTube, Google etc. Read widely and explore. Clue: If you enter KS3 (Key Stage 3) it might help find information that is designed for your level of ability.

Write a paragraph about what deindustrialisation is, what causes it and where there are examples of it.

Don't get sidetracked on YouTube!

Any problems? Email me.

If you have any good links you can add them to aklgg.wikispaces.com

Here is a video very loosely related to the marketing of Primary Industry.

Geography Prep 10 February 2011
We watched a video about workers living and working conditions in China and we discussed the way that container ships have made it possible to ship goods around the world cheaply.

I would like you to write a short summary about containers and container ships. Look on Youtube to see if you can find any videos that show some of the largest container ships. See if you can find out where the container ports are in the UK and in Shanghai for example. Look at videos that show containers being loaded. Search for terms like 'container ship loading,' and 'biggest container ship in the world,' or 'container ship in storm,' or 'containers in aircraft.'

See if you can find some statistics about container ships and put them together in a fact sheet, which answers the question: How container ships have contributed to cheaper global imports.

Geography Prep 3 February 2011

Read pp 104-113 about primary industry in the UK. Pay particular attention to why farms locate where they do ie what makes a farm well located.

On this page: aklhh.wikispaces.com answer the question below as a paragraph.

Please compose your paragraph in a word processor, and access this wikispace. Click Edit in the top right hand side of the page, paste your paragraph, click save on the tool bar, and then make sure your work was saved. Please put your initials and form. (If you don't have internet access type your work on a sheet of paper)

With climate change affecting global climate patterns do you think that farms might cease to be 'well located?'
What would the implication of this be? You can refer to the factors that you read about in the section above.

Also read this:

Marking scheme as promised.

Mock Exam Revision
The exam revision document which is also on the school intranet is here:

Geography 11-7.pdf

Review the flooding case studies you were given in class today (Cumbria and China). You do not need to know the Rhine specifically as a case study. Review the case studies you have been given, or others. Ideally you should have an MEDC and an LEDC one.

Look at flooding in Cumbria BBC Resources (video):

Also you can look at the case studies in your textbook. In the dark blue book there is a case study on the Mississippi Flood (1993).

For a larger/colour version of the Flooding in Cumbria sheet, see below:

Global Location
You were given the following document last term. The places you need to learn are listed and shown on the map.

Global Locations.pdf

Information on the Lake District


Interesting article about the 1994 Northridge Earthquake along the San Andreas Fault and Evacuation Plans for the area around Vesuvius
Read, print out and file.

external image pdf.png Zoning in the USA to reduce Earthquake Risk.pdf

See this link for examples of earthquake resistant buildings: http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/earthquakes/4

Geography Prep set 2 December 2010

What were the natural (the nature and location of the earthquake) and human (the way people have acted before and during) factors that led to the 2004 tsunami to being so deadly?

Answers typed.

Geography Prep set 2 December 2010

What were the natural (the nature and location of the earthquake) and human (the way people have acted before and during) factors that led to the 2004 tsunami to being so deadly?

Answers typed.

Geography Prep 25 November 2010
I printed these sheets and left them in your form room. But if you left without one, here it is.

If you have finished your prep, there is a short revision video here:

Geography Prep 11 November 2010
We are coming to the end of our topic on Tectonics, and there will be a test soon. Geographers should have an interest in discovering information for themselves in addition to being 'taught' it in class.

For this prep, I would like you to do some YouTube research. Look for short movies that provide really good footage about earthquakes and or volcanoes. You can use YouTube to find footage from anywhere, but look for good footage, that is highly informative. Try to find examples that are not too long. Search for recent events in the last 15 years.

When you find one that you think is good, make a note of it in a Word document and write a short summary like this. You should spend your prep finding this information.

(7:48) This video has some excellent footage of pyroclastic flows on Mt Merai. It is rather long and the whole thing does not need to be watched. It does not have a commentary and is just someone's footage of the flows, but it shows them clearly.
Keywords: pyroclastic flow; Merapi; 2010; Indonesia; volcano; AKL

(1:10) Interesting ITN News story about the tsunami that was associated with the 2010 Merapi eruption. Lots of good information about the relief effort and further details about the Merapi eruption.
Keywords: tsunami, Merapi; 2010; relief, aid, Indonesia; AKL

Save your document as a word file.
Do not use any fancy formatting at all. Simple font, spaced out as above.
Notice, the time (duration) is put at the start of the paragraph and keywords at the end. Your initial are part of the keyword search terms.

Then copy the content of your Word document and go to this webpage.


Click EDIT, and paste your work into the bottom of the page. You might need to scroll down. Do this quickly in case someone else is doing it at the same time, which might mess it up. When you have pasted the information in, reload the page, to make sure that it has been pasted in. If it hasn't, do it again.

Your prep is done!

If there's a problem, email me at akl@stpaulsschool.org.uk.

Geography Prep 4 November 2010

You have already been given an up to date sheet on the eruption, earthquake and tsunami relating to Mt Merapi in Indonesia.

If you don't have this sheet, or you have lost it, you can click on and download a copy from this page of my website:


This booklet was up to date from Sunday. However, there have been some developments since then. Look at the websites listed below to see what has been happening, and produce an update to the booklet I have produced. You can include maps, diagrams and other useful information that is not covered in the sheet I have given you. You should label it Mt Merapi Update 4 November 2010. PUT YOUR NAME ON THE FRONT PAGE. You can produce this either by writing on a piece of paper or you can produce it on the computer.

You can access websites such as:

BBC News
USGS (United States Geological Survey)
Any other legitimate website found through Google.

Try to find out how the Indonesian government has been preparing for and managing the situation and exactly how the volcano has been changing. Do you think they are making adequate preparations? Using the evidence you have, what do you think will happen to the volcano? What kind of disaster might ensue. (Try to answer some of these questions in a section called "What is likely to happen at 4 November 2010: A Prediction."

Cover Lesson and Prep for Thursday 23 September 2010

Look at the following information: http://geobytesgcse.blogspot.com/2007/01/earthquakes.html

Make a mind map in your exercise books from this information.

Look at this case study on my website.


Summarise this information in a useful way in your books.

Prep: Complete these two pieces of work in a thorough way. Show detail, diagrams, good setting out. You may do some additional research on the Sichuan Earthquake to support your case study.

3 September 2010

Lesson in Bewshers.

I am on the expedition with the 2nd Years.

Could you please ask the cover teacher to show the following video to the class.

It is on Youtube and it is in a number of parts.


You need to take notes on this documentary. Make your notes in a new Word document, and email the document home to complete it for prep.

The documentary is too long to watch in one lesson. You will get through the first three parts, if you start promptly.

If you have a problem with using the computer do the exercise on paper.

Write in your books, the heading COVER LESSON: Notes from "The History of the Earth."

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
Part 3 seems to be unavailable (sorry)

Part 4:

Part 5:

Your prep is to finish watching the programme and finish your summary.